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Hector Almaguer

Hector is an entertainment industry executive with over 30 years of experience as an attorney, musician, writer, record producer, content creator, whose work has won a CLIO AWARD and has been GRAMMY-nominated. He’s worked for and with some of the biggest names in media including UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP, PARAMOUNT/VIACOM, WARNER BROS. DISCOVERY, and artists like JAY-Z, ALICIA KEYS, and FAT JOE.

Hector Almaguer was raised in Miami in a Cuban household. His childhood combined the best of multiple cultures and gave him a world view that has always been part of his creative process. He studied music and spent over a dozen years as a record producer, publisher, and running an independent record label.

Hector Almaguer tells the story of how in the middle of a very successful music career, he felt his skills on the business side were lacking and it was then he decided to attend law school. While running these very successful music businesses, Hector Almaguer attended law school at the University of Miami and emphasized his studies there in intellectual property.

His clients say that his experience as a creator gave him an insight that most lawyers simply don't have. Through it all and at the center of his career is his deep understanding of what it means to communicate through media and the understanding of intellectual property. He has been a professor and lecturer at the University of Miami as well as for professional entertainment industry seminars and it’s clear that he has a passion for content both as a creator and legal professional.

Mr. Almaguer is licensed to practice in Florida.

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